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After A Dog Attack, Seek Compensation For Your Damages

Dogs can be a loveable part of any family, but they can also prove to be incredibly dangerous. Dog bites occur every day, and they can cause damages such as medical bills, psychological trauma and lost wages. What’s more, most of the victims of dog bites are children.

If a dog attacked you or your child, turn to C.E. Bryant Law Firm for help. We are a law firm serving Atlanta-area residents who have suffered serious personal injuries from occurrences such as dog bites. As a hardworking firm with a reputation for assertive representation, we will fight for the maximum compensation available after a dog bite or other premise liability incident.

Hold Negligent Dog Owners Accountable

After a dog attack, some people do not want to pursue legal action because they feel that the dog is not at fault. This feeling, though, is misplaced.

Dog attacks are not about the actions of the dog but the actions of the owner. All pet owners have an obligation to keep their animals from attacking other people. If they fail to prevent the attack, you can hold the owner responsible for your damages.

Prevent Future Dog Attacks

Legal action has an additional purpose: It can prevent future severe injuries due to dog bites. Lawsuits send a message to pet owners in your community that dog attacks are unacceptable. You can do your part to prevent dog bites by contacting C.E. Bryant Law Firm to discuss legal action.

Get A Free Consultation About Dog Bites

The first step in seeking compensation, holding dog owners accountable and preventing attacks is to contact C.E. Bryant Law Firm. We can help you. Schedule your free initial consultation with our firm by calling 404-721-0101. You can also send us an email.