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About C.E. Bryant

Clarence Bryant prides himself on providing clients with speedy settlements, that are both attainable and fulfilling. His attentiveness and skill have led him to become a sought-after practitioner of law. A dedication to professionalism and unyielding standards sets him apart from the rest. Clarence’s passion for law is unmatched.

C. E. Bryant

Background & Education

His love of law began as a child growing up in South Dallas. The youngest of four, Clarence was the only child to finish college and obtain a professional degree.

He attended Georgia State University College of Law where he graduated in 2015. He cut his teeth interning for Fulton County as a mediator and quickly advanced into working for Crawford and Company and Davis Bozeman Law Group.

His drive and genuine care for clients has garnered him a reputation as an ambitious young leader and innovator who is shaping law within Atlanta and across the state of Georgia. Mr. Bryant’s sharp negotiating skills has not only satisfied clients, but has also helped them to Secure The Bag.

  • Expert Lawyer
  • Fast Support
  • Quick Case Completion
  • Free Consultation

Tipping the Scales of Justice in Your Favor