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Why do fatigued truck drivers present dangers?

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck drivers in Georgia work long hours performing essential duties, including getting vital goods to their destinations. Long hours and other factors could make a driver tired, though. Fatigued driving comes with tremendous risks, and a drowsy truck driver might present a hazard. Considering a tractor-trailer’s size and mass, passing out behind the wheel could lead to tragic consequences.

Truck drivers and the dangers of fatigue

Regulators understand the dangers associated with fatigued driving. Commercial truck drivers find themselves required to adhere to laws that limit the amount of time a truck driver may work. There are caps on how many consecutive hours a driver can operate a vehicle, along with mandatory, multi-hour breaks. Not all drivers nor their employers follow the rules, which could constitute negligence.

Fatigue could result from many other factors besides long hours. In fact, a driver might spend little time on the road but still feel exhausted. Perhaps the driver did not get enough rest during the week and now suffers from exhaustion.

Taking to the road while excessively tired, regardless of circumstances, presents dangers. A tired driver might not react at the crucial moment. Fatigue not only slows reactions, but it could also dull perceptions. A truck driver might be too tired to see someone crossing the street or a vehicle stalled at a green light.

Negligence and fatigued truck driving

Some instances of fatigued driving reflect blatant negligence on a truck operator’s part. Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs increases the potential for fatal motor vehicle accidents immensely. Many avoidable deaths result from drunk driving incidents.

An intoxicated driver may feel impaired after taking medicine to deal with a cold. While the driver did not ingest illegal drugs or any alcohol, the individual took to the road after ingesting a substance that caused drowsiness. Such poor judgment may cause a crash. Even merely driving while sick comes with dangers. The flu causes fatigue, so driving while battling the flu might be unsafe.

Any unsafe practices that cause an accident may end in a lawsuit. It’s up to everyone on the road to exercise caution and use their best judgment.