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What losses are sought after auto accidents?

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car accident on Georgia roads could leave someone with severe injuries. A trip to the emergency room might come with significant bills, even with insurance. Patients without hospital insurance could face massive debts, which is why accident victims seek compensation. Medical bills might not be the only source of financial strain for the victims, either. Thankfully, an insurance settlement or civil suit could seek compensation for other expenses.

Follow-up care and other financial considerations

A discharge from the hospital does not automatically mean the patient’s care ends. Rehab might be unavoidable, depending on the injuries suffered. Health insurance may only cover a portion of rehab if any.

Someone who suffers permanent injuries, such as extensive spinal damage, might need a home redesigned to accommodate special needs. Purchasing a special van capable of wheelchair access might be necessary. The costs could be stratospheric, and the person who caused the motor vehicle accident (MVA) may be responsible for the costs.

Even a minor injury might lead someone to miss work, and not everyone can afford to lose even a few days of salary. An accident victim could seek lost wages from the responsible party.

Even someone who collects workers’ compensation might seek damages from a responsible third party. That is, a contractor who hits an employee at his or her workplace parking lot may face a lawsuit.

Exploring legal options after an accident

Persons left in terrible pain might seek compensation for their suffering. When a driver is grossly irresponsible, seeking punitive damages may be possible, as well.

Even “loss of affection” might serve as the basis for a compensation claim. Such a claim is not unusual since accidents might have a terrible effect on family or personal relationships.

Sometimes, the injuries could exceed auto liability limits. Suing someone for an amount over those limits might be possible, as well. Doing so may be feasible, depending on the negligent party’s assets. Seeking a significant judgment could be even more necessary when the accident results in wrongful death.

Directing questions about financial compensation to a lawyer could provide an accident victim with clarity. The attorney may suggest a possible course of action to recover losses.