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Reasons to avoid lane splitting

by | May 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The state of Georgia abounds with motorcycle enthusiasts who use the highways on a regular basis. While motorcycles are economically effective modes of transportation in a state with a mild climate for part of the year, they are also convenient vehicles when navigating traffic. The problem is that their potential utility in doing so often leads to bypassing other passenger vehicles that are lodged in traffic, including what is known as lane splitting. And, not only is lane splitting illegal in Georgia, any evidence establishing the particular movement can have a serious negative impact on a personal injury claim.

Personal safety and responsible riding

Motorcyclists have long been identified with freedom and recklessness while on the highways, but this does not mean that all riders cannot be responsible or maintain a reasonable duty of care toward other motorists. Motorcycle accidents are easily some of the most horrific events on Georgia roads, and it is vital for all riders to exercise discretion and caution. This especially applies to illegal driving decisions such as lane splitting.

Claim denial due to personal negligence

Most states use a comparative negligence law of some type, and in Georgia the law can be very restrictive for those who cause their own injuries. This includes motorcycle accidents as well as passenger vehicle mishaps. Modified comparative negligence law governs all accident adjudication in Georgia, and the law sets the bar for financial recovery for injuries at 50%. This means that drivers who are injured in a two-vehicle incident with equal shared fault cannot recover any financial damages for their own injuries.

Avoiding road rage altercations

Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys realize that road rage is not just specific to states like California where lane splitting is legal, even though that does seem to be the location for many episodes. It can happen anywhere in the U.S. when drivers make bad decisions that put others at peril while in transit. Lane splitting can be a common reason for such behavior, and especially in traffic jams where all vehicles are competing for road space.