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What is Georgia’s dram shop law?

by | Jan 5, 2021 | DRAM Shop, Motor Vehicle Accidents

If a driver gets behind the wheel after drinking, that decision can have damaging—and often tragic—results. However, drivers may not be the only ones liable for a drunk driving accident. Under Georgia’s dram shop law, the provider of that alcohol may also have some legal responsibility for the crash.

Georgia’s dram shop law and your injury case

For many victims of crashes involving drunk drivers, the financial and medical support they need can depend on holding drunk drivers responsible. Under Georgia law, the bar, liquor store or restaurant that served alcohol to a drunk driver may also be liable for serving that alcohol. Individuals who hosted a social event where they served alcohol may also be legally responsible for drunk driving accidents. However, for victims to hold social hosts or businesses liable for a drunk driving crash, these parties must meet specific criteria:

  • Knowingly serving alcohol to an underage person or to a person who shows noticeable signs of intoxication
  • Providing that alcohol despite knowing that the minor or intoxicated person was likely to drive a motor vehicle soon after

Georgia’s dram shop law can significantly impact the options available to injured people after a crash. Not only can they hold drivers responsible for their decision to drive after drinking, but they could also receive additional damages from the person or business who served that alcohol.

If a drunk driving accident caused harm to you or a loved one, consider speaking to an experienced attorney about all of the options available to you. Holding drunk drivers and other parties responsible for their negligence could offer you a way to get the financial support you need to recover.